Dr Asjid Qureshi
MB ChB (Edin), MD (Lon), MRCP (Edin)
London Diabetes and Endocrinology
Wellington Hospital and Clementine Churchill Hospital


London, UK

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Thyroid disorders
Poor diabetes control
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Having good diabetes control is important to maintain current and long-term health.  There are many possible causes for poor diabetes control.  These include diet, exercise and medication related issues.  In my experience patients have a lot of knowledge and understanding about their disorder, but often benefit from a detailed review. 

If you have poor diabetes control, consider if any of the questions below suggest any possible problem areas.

D I E T  

Which particular food types may adversely effect your diabetes control?

Which fruits are particularly rich in natural sugars?

Why may a glass of fresh juice raise glucose levels?


E X E R C I S E 

How does exercise effect your diabetes control in the short-term?

How does exercise effect your diabetes control in the long-term?

How anaerobic and aerobic exercise differ with regards to diabetes control?

How much exercise should you be doing?

Is exercise or diet more important for weight loss?


M E D I C A T I O N   R E L A T E D

Which diabetes medicines can cause weight gain?

Which diabetes related medicines may decline in effectiveness over time?

What diabetes related medicines can cause weight loss?

Are there injectable diabetes treatments that are not insulin?

How should Metformin been ideally taken ?

What is the best way to take Metformin SR?

What new treatments are there to treat diabetes?

Should patients be adjusting their own insulin doses?

What are the principles of adjusting insulin doses?

Can HbA1c results help doctors decide what diabetes agents are best to use?